Sunday, April 17, 2011

chocolate tomato juice cake: bad idea

I tried to make you a cake.

But it has been described as “definitely odd” and “strangely savoury,” so I will not serve it to you.

It looks nice, doesn’t it?

My grandma’s old church cookbook says it makes “quite a large, moist cake.” I had great hopes for it, as I happily mixed tomato juice and cocoa and everything else that goes into a cake.

It baked up nicely and I decorated it with icing sugar sifted over a little homemade tomato shape. I proudly took it to our friend Karen’s music party.*

It was only when we cut into the chocolate tomato juice cake and started eating that I was sorry.

One friend helpfully suggested I could serve it as a savoury dish.

Another said it was (slight hesitation) good.

My husband took one bite and quietly put his plate down.

I took one bite and apologized.

It tasted kind of sandy and tomato-y. Silly me: I thought the tomato juice would disappear under the cocoa the way zucchini does in a chocolate cake. Now I know better.

I am not going to give you the recipe, because I strongly recommend you do not make this cake, and this is the only way I can stop you.

I promise to make something good soon and give you the recipe.


*Music party: Karen's brilliant innovation. Involves everyone sharing favourite pieces of music.

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  1. I've seen a few recipes out there for tomato chocolate cake, and I've always been skeptical... I'm glad to hear there was good reason to be!

  2. Always trust your instincts! I'm glad you were wise enough to stay away. (:

  3. I didn't realize we were being so humourous as we sat around figuring out how we felt about the cake...You're funny! This post made my day.