Monday, May 2, 2011

8 hours in san francisco

5 days in palm desert

Oh, travelling for work. It can be so hard when you must go to California for a conference.

When you are forced to eat Mexican food for dinner and drink date milkshakes for lunch and do yoga under the palm trees at the break of dawn.

When you have to meet more than a thousand friendly colleagues from across North America and attend interesting seminars with them.

But really, really, the hardest thing must be when you realize you're flying home through San Francisco anyway, so you really should spend the day there.

So hard.

So hard to climb the hills of the city and eat a picnic lunch that includes a North Beach sandwich with some of the most tender proscuitto you've ever eaten.

So hard to wander through the market in the ferry building and sample chocolate and taste wine at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

So hard to explore the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and eat a slice of Mondrian cake in the sculpture garden.


Perhaps the only easy thing was coming home and updating hop & go fetch it with my favourite places to eat in California.

last may: swedish tea cookies


  1. Yeah for work trips!!! I was curious about the Mondrian cake and clicked on the link---wow- quite the artistic endeavour--I think that the bright colours may have thrown me off. How did it taste??

  2. Well, after I stared at it for more than 10 minutes, trying to figure out how they assembled it . . . I finally had a bite. It was delicious! MOMA called it "velvet cake with chocolate ganache" and I'd say that definitely applied. It's now my goal to make my own Mondrian cake.

  3. Oh oh! I am going back home to NZ via SF (5 nights!) and this post is making me even more feverishly excited - it's my first time in the U>S, can't wait!

  4. Five nights! Now I'm jealous! Eat and drink lots -- I think you'll love it. I had to eat dinner at the airport before I boarded my flight and there were three good options. Three! In an airport!