Tuesday, February 21, 2012

eating out

Months ago, my landlord put these bulbs in little jars of water. As I watched them freezing into solid ice-cube bulbs in December, I had my doubts.

I shouldn't have.

Spring does always come – even if you're a little narcissus bulb straining to bloom in a little jar of ice.

Now it's February and they've had just enough shelter in our foyer to grow way, way up and blossom right out. They were a nice treat to come home to after working and visiting friends in Vancouver last week. (It was ever so rainy, but that's Vancouver in February for you.)

All this travelling means I have new Vancouver restaurants to recommend: one Chinese and one with a cozy ski lodge feel. I'm also making up for lost time, and I've added favourite spots in Edmonton and up Vancouver Island. Hop on over to hop & go fetch it to read about them.

I'll be back with a new recipe soon – although I'm back on the road again this weekend. I did make a nice little eggplant parmesan for Valentine's Day, but it wasn't quite perfect. When it's up to snuff, I promise to share it with you. In the meantime: here's to eating out and not doing dishes!

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  1. we went and tried Twisted Fork this weekend after I read about it in your hop and go fetch it section. Despite having to wander around in the rain (without an umbrella--us silly interior folk!) for a 1/2 hour waiting for a table to come open it was so worth it. We had a romantic little booth- such warm service and the food was delicious. Definitely worthy of the last "adult" meal out before the babe arrives--thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Andrea, I'm so glad you liked it and that it was worth the wait! (It has to be extra good after waiting in the rain for half an hour, doesn't it?)