Friday, June 28, 2013

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We are now counting down from the longest day of the year.

Last Friday, we had 17 hours and 3 minutes of daylight. I guess that's what happens when you live in Canada's largest northern city.

All the light snuck up on me. Suddenly, I found myself going out to the garden to check on the kale at 10:15. Another night, we set out for a sunset run just after 10. And last week, on the longest day of the year, we went for a walk along the North Saskatchewan River. We set out just before 10:30 and arrived to find a pale blue sky and the moon just starting to rise.*

It had just rained and the puddles reflected the remains of the sunset. Edmonton, I think, will do summer well. (As it also does winter well. Very well.)

Here's what I've been up to in these early summer days:

Making pasta with yogurt, peas and chile. Molly said we should make this right away. She was right. I might make it again next week.**

Trying to convince my better half  who actually peels the chickpeas  that we should have this ethereally smooth hummus on hand every day for the rest of our lives. (Note to self: this is the second recipe inspired by Ottolenghi. I wonder if it's a sign?)

Canning grapefruit rhubarb jam!

Squeezing every last drop out of my new favourite wine, which I can only afford to drink once a year.

Dolloping tarragon mustard on everything.***

Discovering a new friend in the neighbourhood: a whisky and wine bar called The Bothy. (Where I ate a Lorne sausage sandwich with greens, four-year cheddar, Branston pickle and sundried tomato mustard and fell in love.)

And finally: trying not to stay up too late watching The Hour. (BBC, I love you.)

* The mosquitoes also seemed to be rising. But let me not disabuse you of the notion that I live in a romantic place.
** Although Scott says he is banning it (as he licks his lips) because it creates too many dishes.
** No link, but you can find The Jam Lady at the downtown farmers' market in Edmonton.

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