Saturday, July 15, 2017


My dear readers — where did I go?

Well, as you can see here, Scotland.

But that was just for two weeks. Otherwise, I've been sticking close to home in Edmonton and Calgary. My writing coaching business is growing, which means less time to come and dollop around over here.

However. I continue to cook and bake, so surely I can work myself up to posting about it more than once every three months? I certainly hope so. In fact, I've been making a lot of Scottish food lately.

So, Scotland! Let me show you some pictures ...


Rhodos in full bloom in Kelvingrove Park, next to Kelvingrove Art Gallery
The River Kelvin (AKA our running route)
Twilight stroll in the Glasgow Botanical Garden to
celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary

Isle of Bute:


Isle of Mull:

Isle of Skye:


Oh, and you were wondering about the food? 

We loved it — thank you for asking. The local creamy cheese, the cockles meat, the smoked fish, the perfect soups for lunch ... You see why I've been inspired to make more Scottish food at home.

one year ago: walnut pesto

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