Saturday, February 23, 2013

korean food in jasper

It is safe to say that my husband loves Korean food.

Not as much as he loves me, but almost.

I cannot tell you how proud he was when he made his own kimchi last spring.

This winter, he had to go to the farmers' market by himself. He moaned and complained, but what did he come home with? That's right: a big jar of kimchi from the Korean stall. Which he proceeded to dip into every night for the next two weeks.

I never imagined I would be able to feed Scott's kimchi addiction in Jasper, but sure enough, my friend Isabelle suggested Kimchi House.

We were there for Scott's birthday and had a whole weekend in the quiet town, big mountains watching over us.

On the Friday night, we walked down quiet, snowy streets into downtown Jasper.

We found the restaurant and Scott ordered a warm little tumbler of sake.

The server brought us some kind of unusual pickled salad to begin. We don't remember what it was  only that we'd like to eat it again soon. Then we tucked into our japchae  tender-but-stretchy sweet potato noodles with slivers of beef and vegetables  – and a soup that was spicy and full of beef.

Every bit of food seemed exactly right, and just the meal to eat on a cold winter's night.

Korean food in Jasper: highly recommended.

Speaking of highly recommended restaurants, I've just updated hop & go fetch it with more favourite restaurants in Jasper and Edmonton. Hop on over!

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  1. So glad this was a hit! We had bibimbap when we were there-also delicous.

  2. Well, I think that is reason enough to go back: we need to try the bibimbap! (: